About First100

Our mission at First100 is to improve the quality of leadership in the world” - Niamh O’Keeffe

We need our leaders to be even better than before. Some commentators say that we have suffered an economic crisis - but we believe it is more accurate to say that we have suffered a leadership crisis and that the global economic meltdown is merely symptomatic.

As the world comes to terms with financial meltdown just endured, our business leaders need to emerge better and stronger. Our business leaders need to try harder to take more responsibility, to deliver better outcomes faster.

We need to see the emergence of a new breed of senior executive who will take their role seriously from the beginning, create structure out of chaos, lead by example, motivate their teams to deliver on missions that will strengthen their organisations, create stability and help maintain jobs and boost the economy.

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"This approach helped me get off to a fast and focused start.”

Alan McIntyre, Chief Operating Officer, Oliver Wyman Group


“The First 100 Days is a very helpful approach when starting new roles or looking to kick start a step change programme in an organisation."

 Mark Spelman, Global Head of Strategy, Accenture