31st Jan 2011

First100 Coaching Schools™ Launch in London and New York

January and February can be bleak at the best of times, but the start of 2011 has brought grim tidings for many with their eye on the global economy. Business leaders realise that the recovery from recession is not set in stone, with growth slowing in the UK, continuing jitters in the Eurozone and a US budget deficit hovering around the 10% mark. Leaders across all sectors of the economy are aware that the period of settling in for new senior personnel is a luxury they can no longer afford. 

At First100™ we have noted that our clients want to roll out performance acceleration across their businesses, to ensure that new appointments and teams with an expanded brief can excel despite the challenging economic conditions. To this end, we have launched the First100 Coaching Schools™ in London and New York. Here, Human Resource, L&D and senior executive staff can acquire the skills and knowledge to ensure that new hires can bring a faster and better return on investment to their employers.

The program provides attendees with the skill set to offer practical guidance, thoughtful insights and useful advice, taking a problem-solving approach that is always grounded in commercial realism.

Businesses and public sector agencies can scarcely afford the cost of a senior appointment not working out, and the evidence clearly points to the fact that those who enjoy early success in a new role tend to perform highly in the long term and stay with the business for longer. The First100 Coaching Schools™ allow the business to retain in-house expertise in performance acceleration, impacting on everything from building a high performing team to improving the bottom line. If you wish to learn more about our solutions please visit:




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