06th Jan 2012

Making an Impact

2012 has arrived, and we find ourselves in a rapidly changing world in which the political and economic outlook for the next twelve months is more uncertain than it has been at any time since 2008. In this newly unstable commercial and corporate world, uncertainty about the future feeds a growing sense of urgency in the here and now.  Treading water is no longer an option – so an approach based on performance acceleration and immediate return on investment is more essential than ever. As a result, dynamic and ambitious business organisations are realising they need to invest in their senior people.

Performance acceleration is about making an impact early – by concentrating on five key factors for success:

  1. Having a clear vision
  2. Being confident
  3. Exercising patience and resilience
  4. Being a fast learner
  5. Not being afraid of making mistakes

Leaders must bring forward a clear and compelling vision. Confidence is essential, while it can be shaken by new circumstances it is reinforced by the clarity that comes with a detailed first 100 days plan. It is important to foster patience and resilience in the face of new challenges as mistakes often provide the best opportunities for learning – and being a fast learner is essential.

This more holistic approach in business may be part of a growing global trend. Organsiations are beginning to recognise that while focusing on specific areas such as leadership development or change management is one thing, a unified sense of purpose brought about by the holistic approach brings a quicker and clearer return on investment. The smart thing to do is refocus on the essentials – speed and results. If there is anything good about a crisis it is its energising effect – that the genuine desire to cut to the chase and maximize potential comes to the fore.

Hilda Goold



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