05th Apr 2012

Scott Thompson @ 90 Days

At the ninety-day mark it’s good to take time out for an in-depth review of progress so far. It’s an opportunity to cast a cold eye over the entirety of the 100 Days Plan and compare it point-for-point with the realities of what you’ve acheived, and what’s still achievable. You’ve been in the role long enough for people to have formed a strong impression of you, so now’s a good time for you to use their feedback to fill in the gaps in your self-perception. All this will help you prepare for the final ten-day push toward your key deliverables, and ultimately for the year ahead. This week Scott Thompson hits the 90 day mark as CEO of Yahoo! – at this crucial stage, these are some things he should be thinking about:


Are you staying focused on your priorities as outlined in your initial 100 Days Plan? At the beginning you had a set of challenges to overcome and a set of deliverable goals to achieve. How does your current situation stack up against your early hopes? If you’ve spent lots of time and energy on issues you didn’t forsee at the outset, this is a problem, and now is the time to either adapt your behaviour or adapt the plan to take the unforseen issues into account.


In the final 10 days you should be extremely focused, and at this stage it’s good to boil the complexities of your 100 Days Plan down to a simple To Do List. You may feel it’s more practical to focus on one or two key deliverables in the final 10 days.


As soon as you become the boss, people’s desire to please you prevents them from telling you unpalatable truths about what’s really going on around you. In the early stages this even includes your own superiors, who will often stick to standard-issue encouragements and keep their true assessment of you to themselves for fear of damaging your confidence. You need to get serious if you want real feedback, and ask for it in such a way that people can be sure you’re not looking for a pat on the back.


You have 10 days left, so use them effectively to wrap up, tidy up, and speed up any remaining tasks that you’ve prioritised for completion in your first 100 days.  Make sure you finish out the plan with as much enthusiasm and energy as you had when you started it. You will reap the rewards for the next 12 months and beyond.

Hilda Goold



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