12th Jun 2012

John Browett - 60 days as VP of Retail for Apple

In April John Browett took up the position of Vice President of Retail for Apple, moving from Hertfordshire to California. This week, he will be 60 days in the role. 

In the current unstable commercial and corporate world, judgments are made fast – a leader’s achievements in the first 100 days are routinely taken as an indication of his or her leadership potential in the future. So an approach based on performance acceleration and immediate return on investment is more essential than ever, no doubt something of which John Browett is keenly aware.

At First100 we recommend using the milestones @ 30, 60 and 90 days to assess progress. By now Browett will be fully immersed in his new position, and getting to grips with the detail of the role. 60 days can flash by, so it is important to note the milestone and use this opportunity to stop, and take stock. With 2 months under his belt, and the new information and experience that offers, Browett should have fresh insight on performance acceleration opportunities. He should also be well positioned to make critical judgments, as to his own progress and that of his team.

It is easy to get side-tracked during this time of intense pressure, to spend too much time on the immediate tasks at hand, but staying focused on the overall key strategic priorities is essential. Browett should be looking at what he has achieved thus far, and what he has yet to achieve. He needs to be confident that he is on track to delivering tangible results, if not, he needs to assess why and make the necessary changes.

A great leader needs a great team. And it is an opportune time, at 60 days, to make any final personnel decisions. Considering the skills, experience and potential of your direct report team is crucial in the early stages of a new role. Browett has probably already re-assigned roles and responsibilities. So he should, by now, have the right people in the right roles. If not, he may need to make some last lingering personnel decisions.

After this review of progress and reflection, it is important to reset the actions for the next 30 days to incorporate what has not yet been achieved. Now Browett can look to the future, and focus on a successful end to his first 100 days.

Hilda Goold



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