01st Feb 2013

Guggenheim Partners forms Guggenheim Digital Media

Private equity firm Guggenheim Partners recently launched Guggenheim Digital Media (GDM). The firm, which operates media properties such as The Hollywood Reporter, Adweek and Billboard Magazine has enlisted Ross Levinsohn to spearhead the new venture.

Levinsohn has a strong background in digital media including a stint with News Corp, where he was president of Fox Interactive Media from 2000 to 2006. He was also of course, interim CEO of Yahoo! in 2012. After Scott Thompson left in May amid a resume scandal, and before former Google exec Marissa Mayer took the reins, from May to July Levinsohn had the top job at Yahoo!. Prior to this he was responsible for all aspects of Yahoo!’s digital media business as EVP and Head of Global Media. At the start of his career Levinsohn worked at HBO and CBS – his experience and expertise are pertinent.

GDM is firmly focused on expansion, and Levinsohn will be tasked with sourcing new media businesses which the company can invest in. In a statement released last week he revealed his intentions, “GDM has a powerful and competitive portfolio of iconic media assets today, and I look forward to identifying new opportunities for growth as the media and technology industries continue to rapidly evolve.”

As he takes on this role, Levinsohn will want to hit the ground running. As an experienced leader he will understand the importance of the first 100 days. Success from the start breeds success in the future. And the simplest way to ensure leadership success is to start with the end in mind. If you know the desired outcomes you can write a First 100 Days Plan which clearly maps out the out the steps to success.

Levinsohn no doubt expects to face many challenges in the coming months, but with the help of his structured and focused first 100 Days Plan he will reduce the risk of getting sidetracked from his key strategic priorities. He will do well to keep his mind and energy focused on his leadership effectiveness, on strategy and on achieving results.



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