“The First 100 Days is a very helpful approach when starting new roles or looking to kick start a step change programme in an organisation.” 

Mark Spelman, Global Head of Strategy, Accenture

“I have benefitted significantly
from the work done by First100

and that is why we have decided
to use the First 100 Days Program
elsewhere in our business.”

Darron Antill, CEO, AppSense

“In truth, the return on investment is
incalculable, but if I had to put a number
on it lets just say it would be at least a
100 times ROI

Joanne Carlin, HR Director, John West


First100 has worked with hundreds of newly appointed senior executives and teams across blue chip corporations and the public sector. 
Our client track record includes working with senior executives from Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Technology companies,
Financial Services and others including Energy companies and FMCG. We are not industry specific and work with medium and large
sized organizations.

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As a rapidly growing cloud computing and user virtualization organization, AppSense is faced with the challenge of transitioning a new CEO and multiple senior hires in an effective and co-ordinated way, and supporting internal promotions as it experiences rapid growth. First100assist™ became the program of choice for the organization and ensured that the organization’s rapid growth was not inhibited by the intake of so many new people. The CEO, subsequently engaged First100 to provide a team program for his new senior leadership team. First100 continues to be part of the fabric of the AppSense working with all critical leadership appointments- both external hires and internal promotions. First100 also works with candidates to make them “role ready” for stretch promotions, maternity returners and those on the fast track to accelerate their performance.


“Recruiting, retaining and investing in the best talent in our marketplace is critical to our business success. Providing our senior management with the best support during their first 100 days in a new role will help ensure their success and accelerated performance. I have benefited significantly from the work done by First100 and that is why we have decided to use the First100 Days programelsewhere in our business” Darron Antill, CEO

“The First100 progam allows you to get on top of the situation – get on top of achieving. It has unquestionable accelerated my performance. The first month in role was like a quarter!” Nick Lowe, Vice-President of Sales EMEA



First100 was initially asked to work in McAfee’s EMEA Headquarters with the Engineering Leadership Team, some of whom were making a leadership step up. The success of this program resulted in the VP of Engineering undertaking his own program when his reporting line changed. Following the appointment of a new Inside Sales Director and some team changes, First100 was asked to help them get off to a strong accelerated start in their First 100 Days. The program focused on getting the team to play to its individual strengths while at the same time developing the right team values and behaviours.


“I thought the First100 program was particularly good because it was practically delivered. There was not an over emphasis on documentation but more so on providing examples and then discussing these and seeing where they could be applied to the job.” Gary Harte, Program Participant, McAfee

“The First100 program is the best development program I have ever been on.” Peter Cagney, Program Participant, McAfee



First100 was hired to work with the newly appointed MD of MSTV (Microsoft Television) EMEA. MSTV was in start-up mode and the new MD subsequently hired First100 to work with a critical new hire and his leadership team.


“Having worked successfully with me during my First 100 Days, I want to hire you to work with my new external hire” Mike Chamberlain, MD of Microsoft Digital Television EMEA, Microsoft



Headquartered in the US, Lionbridge Technologies provides translation, development and localisations services and has operations in over 26 countries.  First100 worked with an internal promotion making a leadership step up to Director level. The aim of the project was to ensure an impact was made in the early period of the new role. The primary focus was about working on the confidence of the individual leader and putting a structured, coherent plan in place which made it easier to understand what success would look like and how it could be achieved at pace.


“The First100 program really benefited our Operations Director, she has given very positive feedback and some real breakthroughs have been made.” Paul McBride, Vice President, Lionbridge Technologies

Oliver Wyman


First100 assisted a Senior Partner in the New York office of Oliver Wyman to achieve promotion to Group Chief Operating Officer. First100 subsequently worked with the individual following promotion to Group COO in his First 100 Days in role and during his Second Act (from end of the First 100 Days to the end of the first 12 months in role). At the end of his first year in the new role the Group COO was given the highest performance rating of his peers in the senior executive leadership team.


“First100 provides a structured and disciplined approach to transitioning into a new role that recognizes both the practical and emotional challenges. This approach helped me get off to a fast and focused start” Alan McIntyre, Chief Operating Officer, Oliver Wyman Group

Sun Life Financial


Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Sun Life Financial is a life insurance and investment management services provider with over 15,000 employees worldwide. Following a number of internal appointments to director level, First100 was hired to ensure that the new leaders got off to an accelerated start and that they made meaningful contributions at the leadership table. One of the assignments was with a maternity returner and the aim was to ensure she hit the ground running on her return, built strong global relationships and played a significant part on the site leadership team.


“I found the First100 program to be a focused and extremely positive experience. Whereas I was thinking in quarters, I now think in terms of what can be achieved in a matter of days.” David Forestal, Director of Product Support, Sunlife



Distinct is a UK & Irish based business consultancy with clients across insurance, banking, telecoms and the public sector. As a niche consultancy, Distinct recognized the value and benefit First100 would bring at management level. Having promoted and recruited a number of key people, Distinct wanted to invest to ensure that they made an accelerated start. By putting a dedicated consultant on the account, First100 was able to provide added value to the HR manager by making general cultural and organizational observations. The HR Manager also went through the program and valued the industry experience provided by the First100 consultant.

Kent Reliance


Based in the Southeast of England, Kent Reliance Building Society (OneSavings Bank) operates in the banking and financial services sector. Over a short period of time the leadership team of KRBS moved from mainly interim roles to a fully established permanent team. On completion of the team structure, the organisation wanted to make sure that the newly formed team got off to an accelerated start in a co-ordinated and structured fashion. They engaged First100 to work them over a 100-day period to clearly set out common long term goals, while also identifying the first 100 days desired outcomes. 


“The program was an excellent setting for a group of talented individuals to work at a strategic level and work on a number of key areas. I found the process to create a very positive environment.” Andy Golding, CEO



Headquartered in London England, BT is a global provider of telecommunication services with operations in over 170 countries and over 75,000 staff worldwide. First100 has run numerous performance acceleration programs in BT including working with the newly promoted MD of Consumer who was operating at the leadership table for the first time. Following a restructure in the BT Business division, First100 were asked to work with the newly shaped sales teams to ensure they stay focused on delivering results in the First 100 Days following the change. Subsequent work includes working with BT General Counsel and her team.


“First100 is full of wonderful insight and experience, combined with a rare ability to get to the heart of the issue quickly. This means the first 100 day plan helps create real results.” Aaron McCormack, CEO, BT Conferencing, BT Global Enterprises

“The First100 framework forced me to focus on the things that really matter which enabled me to create the biggest possible impact. It’s very important when you move into a leadership role to have that independent support to guide you through the make or break phase – First100 certainly assisted me in making the transition and to succeed.” Micheál Burke, MD BT Consumer South, BT Ireland



Eircom is the largest telecommunications operator in the Republic of Ireland and operates in business and corporate markets in the UK. First100 worked with HR to transform the employer brand of Eircom in the recruitment market place. For key strategic external leadership hires, as part of their employment contract, First100 was name-checked as an example of how external hires would be supported in their First 100 Days to make the leadership and cultural transition into the organization. First100 was promoted as an example of how Eircom was changing its image in the marketplace. First100 was subsequently hired to support HR internal leadership promotions.


“First100 understands large organisations and provides insightful advice and knowledge on opportunities and pitfalls...helped me focus my time and my talents by using the First100 methodology...has also been a great sounding board for strategic planning." Emer Kennedy, Director of Small Business, Eircom

"I worked with First100 in preparation for the arrival of a new CEO [to anticipate his First 100 Days]. As a result I better understood where the new CEO was likely to be coming from, some of his early challenges and priorities. This effectively set up a very positive first impression and support for our priorities". Niall Feely, Director of Business Markets, Eircom Limited



Founded in 2005, Jajah is a pioneering telecoms provider with headquarters in California in the USA and Luxemburg in Europe. Following the acquisition by Telefonica in the US in 2009, First100 were asked to work with the VP of Strategic Operations, an ex-pat rotation employee, who was moving from the UK to the US. This move into a recently acquired company was a difficult transition and First100 was hired to ensure not only a smooth transition but also to ensure the individual made some positive early impacts at the leadership table and in the marketplace.



First100 assisted a new external hire, as Head of Customer Care transitioning into a Contact Centre environment for the first time, leading a unit of three hundred people. Following the success of this program, First100 was asked to work with the O2 Retail Management Team and with the Head of Products and Services. In each case the aim of the program was to accelerate the performance of the new hires in their First 100 Days.


“First100 helped me from a number of perspectives; I found it educational and learned tools and approaches not previously seen. It was helpful as a means of organising a challenging time and finally it provided me with a sounding block to test and exercise my inner voice without judgement. ” Rod Coleman, Head of Care, O2 

'I would recommend First100 to any person embarking on a career at senior level or looking to make a significant improvement in their current senior management role’. Tony Hanway, Director of Consumer Sales, O2



First100 was first hired to work with a newly forming team in the Enterprise Division to ensure they got off to an accelerated start in the new financial year. The employee CARE results (an internal rating system) were improved as a result of the work undertaken in this division. Within 3 months First100 were working on a number of other key projects including providing consulting services for the First 100 Days of the newly promoted Customer Experience Director. Following his successful and accelerated start, First100 worked with his new leadership team following their restructure. A large roll out of the First100 program was requested by Vodafone Global Enterprise when they recruited over 90 global and national account managers. This program was aimed at getting the new hires performing as quickly as possible and First100 was able to identify systemic issues that were getting in the way of success.


“For me, the First100 program has been invaluable in delivering two things- accelerated team performance and clarity around personal objectives. The energy and drive of the team was remarkable and I would recommend it to anyone trying to fast track high performance.” Martin Wells, Director of Customer Experience, Vodafone

The First 100 Days program has accelerated our development as a team. We have set very clear targets for the team and executed against them – delivering on both the “what” and the “how”. The program created a very clear mechanism to plan, initiate, follow through and measure results. I would recommend the programme for new teams who need to fast track high performance development. Significantly First100 forces the team to step back from the day to day and deal with the issues facing new teams in a practical and business relevant way. Richard Lombard, Senior Manager, Team, Vodafone

“The First100 program gave my guys a real boost and got them up and running quickly. The external coaching was real valuable.” Garry Cobb, Head of Northern European Sales, VGE

“It was really positive, excellent in terms of accelerating my performance...it was really helpful to discuss my activity, processes and challenges, and also to realise I was not alone in the challenges I faced ...I would totally recommend the program for all new starts in VGE.” Michael Baines, VGE, Germany



The new Group CIO for BP was on a tough three year high performance contract and could not afford any risk of failure when building his leadership team. In 2007, First100 were hired to provide First 100 Days support for his critical external VP hire - who was making the transition from 20 years as a management consultant into Industry for the first time. Having successfully assisted the new VP, First100 were subsequently hired by the VP to work with key members of his new team. First100 also supported the First 100 Days of a senior female within Group CIO who was considered a diverse hire, given her gender and nationality.

The co-operative


With operations in food, travel, financial services, healthcare and legal services among others, the Co-operative Group is the largest co-operative in the UK with over 6 million members and over 100,000 staff. Following the appointment of an external hire to the leadership team and some other critical top table changes in Co-op Group, First100 was asked to work with a number of those affected. The external hires were challenged with integrating into a very established culture and yet wanted to make an immediate impact. The First100 program provided a clear structure for the leaders, focused them on what was really important and ultimately enabled them to get off to a strong accelerated start in a difficult environment.

John West


Currently owned by Thai Union Group, John West Foods is a seafood marketing company that has been in the industry since its foundation in the 1850s. Initially First100 was hired to work with the new European HRD, who had just been promoted from within. The aim of the work was to ensure that the leadership step-up was successful and seamless and the HRD was making an impactful contribution on the executive leadership team. This challenge was enhanced with the individual being the only female member of the leadership team. Following the success of this program, First100 was engaged to work with the new MD and his leadership team in Liverpool in the UK. The First100 program subsequently became part of the joining package for any director level hires and is seen as a differentiator in becoming an Employer of Choice for talented people.


“In truth, the return on investment is incalculable, but if I had to put a number on it lets just say it would be at least a100 times ROI” Joanne Carlin, HR Director, John West

"It's an excellent program. It's been both interesting and useful, and it really sharpened me. The benefits of working with a Consultant of that calibre were immense. I'm happy to recommend it - in fact I will be recommending it internally." Carl Fitzsimons, HR Director, UK, Ireland and Netherlands



In 2009, Facebook established its EMEA headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Following a management development program, Facebook expected its managers to embrace the teachings of the program and to operate in a new way. First100 and its unique methodology was seen as a good fit for implementing the new learnings quickly. The sharp and efficient nature of the First100 program appealed to the managers and provides them with the focus and imperative to embrace the new way of doing things at an accelerated pace. 



First100 worked with Nestle on an international assignment project, where the internal promotee was being asked to lead one of their flagship manufacturing plants. This was his first time leading a plant of this nature and First100 were hired to help provide direction and support in the First 100 Days of the new role, with particular attention being paid to the leader’s team and how he could get them to step up and embrace the expected new ways of doing things in the organization. Barriers to success included the organizational culture in that particular country. The First100 program helped to break down the individual’s leadership requirements into component parts and set out what could and should be achieved in the early period.


“The programme was very useful and important for me, and for our company. It takes an objective viewpoint to get you thinking, practically, and to keep you focused on your objectives…this has been one of the key things.” Jamie Geddes, Plant Manager, Nestle

Boston Scientific


Following a strategic move to the creation of Value Streams in one of their primary manufacturing plants, First100 were hired to work with a number of newly forming Value Stream Leadership Teams. These teams were cross-functional, consisting of Operations, Quality and Engineering Managers. The focus of the work was on getting the team aligned from the beginning on a common set of goals and getting them to make an immediate impact in the plant in terms of hitting metrics and delivering output at speed. First100 has also worked on individual assignments including an external-hire HR Director.


"At Boston Scientific we found that the First100 program provided our newly appointed Managers with the additional skills and knowledge they needed to transition into their new roles effectively. All participants felt that the practical guidance given by First100 was invaluable. We would definitely use First100 in a similar capacity again". Jane Mitchell, Head of Training, Boston Scientific



With its headquarters in Cambridge Massachusetts, biotechnology company Genzyme has over 10,000 staff in approximately 40 countries. Following the appointment of a new HR Director in a regional operation, structural changes were made to the HR team, with some role realigning within the team. The HR Director wanted to ensure that his new team got off to the strongest possible start, that obstacles to success were removed and that the team was a line of one, when it came to servicing the business. The First100 program, through the creation of a Team 100-day plan, ensured the common purpose was identified and actions put in place to accelerate performance in the early period following the restructure.


“The First100 program gives a structured approach to moving along the continuum from tactical to strategic. Sharing and developing the relationship with other team leaders was very useful.” Eamonn O’ Mathuna, Program participant, Genzyme



Headquartered in Israel, Teva is a global pharmaceuticals company with over 40,000 staff and operations on four continents. A new Research and Development Director was recruited from another country and from a much smaller organisation, resulting in a challenging transition into this senior role. First100 was retained to ensure he made an impact in his First 100 Days and that the company would get a rapid return on the investment made in getting him in place. First100 was subsequently hired to work with all managers who had gone through a leadership assessment centre and needed to change the way they worked. Other work in Teva included working with teams in Quality and Compliance in their First 100 Days and the Research and Development Director hired First100 to work with his own new hires to help build a high performing team.


“Our new R&D Director was transitioning in from a specialist R&D Company in the UK, and we were going through a lot of change. The First100 program was excellent at helping him through this change. We invested a lot of money getting the right person in and for a fraction of that cost we got great peace of mind from using First100. ” Paddy McMahon, Head of HR, Teva Pharmaceuticals 

“.....the First100 program helped me achieve in 100 days, what would have taken me 12-18 months on my own” David Simento, Global Project Leader, Teva Pharmaceuticals



Bupa is a British healthcare organisation private healthcare to over 10 million customers with offices in Europe, Australia, Asia and the US. In early 2012 First100 was approached by HR to work a very senior interim role appointee. BUPA wanted to support this experienced and established leader in a discreet manner as he made a temporary leadership step up. Performance acceleration is even more important when you know the window of opportunity is limited and defined. The First100 program was an opportunity for the leader to establish his senior leadership credentials and prove his ability for future roles. The business benefited from strong leadership during the interim period.

University of Westminster


As a Top 100 University located in London, England, University of Westminster strives to maintain the link between academic theory and best business practice. Following a restructure of the HR team and the agreement of a new strategic direction, it was important to the University that the team got off to as strong a start as possible to ensure they showed a return on investment in the costs involved in setting off in this new direction. First100 worked with the two HR Directors and with the HR Management Team to ensure there was full alignment on the new strategy and to establish what needed to be done in the First 100 Days in order to ensure the long term success of the new strategy. 

University of Westminster Research on the effects of First100 Programs

Through a knowledge transfer partnership facilitated by the London Development Agency, The University of Westminster Business School undertook a research project into the effects of First100 program in 2011. Guy Faulkner, a senior academic, found that: “...evidence from participants is that the programme has increased their confidence, motivation, decision making, and comfort in their role skin, and enabled growth of emotional intelligence...reducing stress generally as they feel better equipped to cope with uncertainty, ambiguity, paradox and rapid change”.



Following the appointment of a new Managing Director (MD) of the bank’s Tailored Portfolio Group, First100 was approached by Human Resources to work with the new MD throughout the First 100 Days of the new role. As an external hire, the new MD faced a number of challenges including navigating the culture, an intense learning curve, legacy issues and getting the balance right between moving too fast and moving too slowly. The program set the MD up for success ensuring a fast and focused start in the First 100 Days, ensuring leadership success during this crucial early phase.

Legal and General


Legal & General is a British multinational financial services company headquartered in London, England.  In late 2012, First100 was approached to work with two new critical internal appointments at MD level.  The biggest challenge for each executive was the leadership transition of stepping up to a much larger role with more responsibilities and head count. First100 ensured each individual hit the ground running from day 1 in 2013 setting out a clear road map and set of strategic priorities to be achieved by the end of the First 100 Days.  The program has made an immediate impact having demonstrated instant results for the individuals and the organization.



In 2009, Schering Plough merged with Merck & Co continuing to trade under the name Merck & Co.  Having recently recruited and promoted people at management level, First100 were engaged to run a program to ensure the new managers made an accelerated start. In parallel, First100 was asked to work with two of Schering Plough’s newly formed critical teams within a plant. The purpose of this project was to ensure the teams were aligned on a common set of goals. 


2012- present

Glanbia plc, is an international nutritional solutions and cheese group headquartered in Ireland. It has over 4,300 employees worldwide, with manufacturing facilities in seven countries. In 2012, First100 was hired for a pilot program for a new external HR Manager. First100 focused on accelerating her performance in this critical time period, ensuring she got off to a fast and focused start.  The program resulted in real results and First100 continued with delivery of her Second Act program (from end of First 100 Days to end of first 12 months in role). Subsequently, First100 are working with two new senior critical hires at Director Level in the Glanbia Nutritionals Division in Europe and Asia. The company want to ensure both hires are set up for success.


“When I started in the job, the work load came like machine gun fire. The First100 program helped me to operate at a higher level, and to maintain focus on what the real priorities were.” Claire Kerwick, Head of HR, Glanbia

ANS Group

Having experienced rapid growth over a number of years, ANS recognized the importance of paying attention to the leadership team and ensuring that it was aligned on where the organisation was going. With some new members having joined the team it felt like a new start and with some very clear long term goals established. The benefit of the First100 intervention was that it ensured everyone knew what needed to be achieved in the First 100 Days, this then provided and accelerated start towards achieving those goals.

Stryker Neurovascular

Following Stryker’s acquisition of a neurovascular business from Boston Scientific, First100 were commissioned to work with the new leadership team at a recently adopted site in the Republic of Ireland.  The leadership team was tasked with returning the expanded plant to full operation. This involved merging two workforces and the bringing a new facility to production. First100 delivered a team acceleration programme approximately nine months after the initial take-over and helped the team successfully return the plant to operation.


“Applying the process was excellent. We achieved far more than the ten tangible results that we set out to achieve…I can’t speak highly enough about it.”  Colum Honan, Senior Director Operations, Stryker Neurovascular

 “It would have taken months if not a year to get us to where we are now.”  Sheila Kelleher, Senior Materials Manager, Stryker Neurovascular

“We recognised we needed to come together. We had our own meetings. But taking out a block of time forces you to be a more strategic and makes you step back. It was great. It makes you focus on what’s important. Facilitation is important…my two experiences with First100 have been excellent.” Pierce McCormack, Operations Director, Stryker Neurovascular

 “I would definitely recommend it. Especially in a big change situation context. Team building has been very useful. It’s just the right duration – I mean it’s intense. It works. It met all the deliverables.” Mary McAdams, HR Director, Stryker Neurovascular



From newly appointed senior executives to a member of the Global Executive Leadership Team, First100 has been the go-to performance acceleration service for approximately 12 fast-track senior executives since 2005. First100 provided First 100 Days services to the newly appointed Chief Executive of the Resources Operating Group in 2007. During the years 2005 to 2011, we worked with a number of senior executives including the newly promoted Global Head of Energy and highly regarded Senior Executives appointed into critical "Diamond" Client Account leadership roles such as Client Account Leads for BP, BG and Anglo American. Outside of the Resources Operating Group, First100 has completed a number of assignments for the Global Strategy Practice, including First 100 Days work with the Global Head of Strategy and the EALA (European/Asian/Latin American) Head of Strategy. Other assignments include working with the Managing Director of the UK SAP Practice.


In 2013, faced with the need to grow sales & revenue, the leadership of Accenture’s Management Consulting Division increased their recruiting targets for experienced MD hires by over 100%. Securing a fast return on investment on each new hire was crucial. First100 was hired initially for a pilot of 10 MDs, to support onboarding and accelerate new MD hires’ performance. This program is successfully underway.


“First100 really helped to structure my First 100 days in my role in an effective way.“ Sander van't Noordende, Group Chief Executive, Managing Consulting, Accenture

“The first 100 days is a very helpful approach when starting new roles or looking to kick start a step change program in an organization. The coaching, support and follow up is excellent at preparing and anticipating the challenges of leadership in today’s volatile business environment.” Mark Spelman, Global Head of Strategy, Accenture

“The best investment decision I made coming into my new role.” John Downie, Client Account Lead, Accenture 

“First100 brings a results oriented focus and works hard to improve your performance. The coach is innovative and thoughtful and takes time to understand context and the broader picture. I feel it has made a big difference to my effectiveness.” Managing Director, Accenture



In late 2012 the UK’s largest mobile network, Everything Everywhere (owners of Orange and T - mobile), was rebranded as EE. As the pioneer of next generation technology in the UK, EE was launching of a number of key services having just undergone a company restructure. First100 worked with Human Resources and Talent Management in EE to provide leadership development programs to the 35 Regional Managers, the Franchise Manager and 4 Heads of Stores in the company’s UK retail division. The aim of the programs was to help the leaders accelerate their performance and the performance of their teams in the First 100 Days of significant organizational change and to maintain the company’s competitive edge in the market. 


 “ The interaction with the First100 team, the quality of the conversations is always very high. It never feels like the First100 Team are going through the motions. They are all really invested in your transition.” 
Claire Blandford, Heads of Stores

“…without the First100 programme we would have been lost. It gave us a definite focus point, a light at the end of the tunnel.” Jason Salt, Regional Manager 

“Our commercial performance improved – the numbers we are producing, which is linked to the plan. The region was failing to achieve its KPI, by the end of the plan this had improved.”  
Steve Anderson, Regional Manager



Cairn Energy is one of Europe’s leading independent oil and gas exploration and development companies. First100 was appointed to work with the new Chief Operating Officer who was an internal promotion. Moving into this demanding role, the individual faced numerous challenges including managing former senior peers. The program focused on helping the executive hit the ground running in the new role and ensure the company sustained growth.