Using our First100assist™ Framework, we tailor programmes to suit your context, whether that requires in person coaching, phonecoaching, working directly with you or with you and your team.

Our approach

Our Framework takes any leadership role and reframes it by splitting it across a whole system view and devising ten key constituent roles.

Whole System ApproachIn the First 100 Days of your leadership role, we believe you have to take into account: you as a person (your leadership skills, your unique strengths), your role (role responsibilities and deliverables), the organization (stakeholders, culture), the market system within which you operate. The success of the First100assist™ service centers on the implementation of the optimal 100 Day Plan, and the benefits of having an experienced First100 Consultant who acts as ‘companion on the journey.’ It takes a highly structured approach helping you tackle the key milestones of:


Pre-Start, @Start, @ 30 days, @ 60 days, @ 90-100 days


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