100% Growth
Year on Year

The new MD of a technology company 
generated 100% growth year on year
following a First100 program.

Performance Accelerated>

Exceeded targets
by €2 million

Sales managers in a global telco exceeded their pipeline targets by €2 million before the end of their First100 program.

Performance Accelerated>

An Extra €1 Million

A large FMCG company achieved an extra one million Euros in terms of ex-factory sales as a result of a First100 program with the Plant Manager.

Performance Accelerated>

A Pipeline of
£50 Million

The new Sales Director of a cloud
technology company generated a pipeline
of £50 million in his First 100 Days.

Performance Accelerated>

Return on Investment

All First100 programs focus on achieving real, measurable results for the executive and the organisation. The biggest measure of success is the delivery of the First 100 Days plan. After each project is completed, a comprehensive ROI Report is shared with the client that captures the Record of Achievements, feedback from both the client and the consultant and hard metrics achieved as a result of the program.

First100 Business Case



Achievement of First100 Plan
10 Desired Outcomes

Faster breakeven point
From 12-18 months to 3-6 months

Increased ROI
12mth Salary x Multiplier x % Uplift = ROI
Cost of Person + Cost of Program

Attrition costs

  • sunk cost of recruitment
  • sunk cost of training & development
  • productivity losses
  • cost of re-hiring

Indirect costs of not succeeding

  • impact on organisation reputation
  • impact on being an employer of choice
  • affects team morale
  • trickle effect of others leaving
  • disrupts and weakens customer relationships


First100assist helps an executive achieve in 3-6 months what would have taken over 12 months on their own. We speed up the break-even point where a new role appointment starts contributing versus consuming providing a real cash return to the organization.


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