“In truth, the return on investment is
incalculable, but if I had to put a number
on it lets just say it would be at least a
100 times ROI

Joanne Carlin, HR Director, John West

“The First 100 Days is a very helpful approach when starting new roles or looking to kick start a step change programme in an organisation.” 

Mark Spelman, Global Head of Strategy, Accenture

“I have benefitted significantly
from the work done by First100

and that is why we have decided
to use the First 100 Days Program
elsewhere in our business.”

Darron Antill, CEO, AppSense


“First100 really helped to structure my first 100 days in my role in an effective way.” 

Sander van’t Noordende, CEO of Resources Operating Group, Accenture & Member of Accenture’s Global Executive Leadership Team

1:1 Programme for Leaders

“The First100 Program allows you to get on top of the situation – get on top of achieving. It has unquestionably accelerated my performance. The first month in role was like a quarter!”

Nick Lowe, Vice-President of Sales, EMEA, AppSense

“For me the First100 program has been invaluable in delivering two things: accelerating team performance and clarity around personal objectives. The energy and drive of everyone on the team having completed the program was remarkable and I would recommend it to anyone trying to fast track high performance”

Martin Wells, Customer Experience Director, Vodafone

First100 Team Programme

“I would certainly recommend [First100] to another company in a similar situation as ours, because it pulls together the team into a more cohesive unit. It gives a focal point, and makes you work as an executive team.” 

Zoe Bucknall, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, KRBS

“First100assist provides a structured and disciplined approach to transitioning into a new role that recognizes both the practical and emotional challenges. This approach helped me get off to a fast and focused start.”

Alan McIntyre, Chief Operating Officer, Oliver Wyman Group

1:1 Programme for Leaders

“First100 is full of wonderful insight and experience, combined with a rare ability to get to the heart of the issue quickly. This means the first 100 day plan helps create real results."

Aaron McCormack, CEO, BT Conferencing, BT Global Enterprises

“I would definitely recommend it. Especially in a big change situation context. Team building has been very useful. It’s just the right duration – I mean it’s intense. It works. It met all the deliverables.”

Mary McAdams, HR Director, Stryker Nuerovascular

Preparing for a new CEO

“I worked with First100 in preparation for the arrival of a new CEO [to anticipate his first 100 days]. As a result I better understood where the new CEO was likely to be coming from, some of his early challenges and priorities. This effectively set up a very positive first impression and support for our priorities.”

Niall Feely, Director of Business Markets, Eircom

1:1 Programme for Leaders

“The program has had an immediate impact on my performance."

Joachim Siebe, Director of Operations, Glanbia China

"The First 100 Days Programme was a transformational experience. The First100 Consultant and the development of the first 100 days plan really structured my thoughts and helped me prioritise in a strategic way, massively accelerating my performance in my new role."

Paul Higley, Area Vice President Northern Europe, AppSense

“First100 was outstanding at helping us to get a rapid return on new senior appointments”

Katy Clough, Director of Human Resources, AppSense

1:1 Programme for Leaders

“First100 understands large organisations and provides insightful advice and knowledge on opportunities and pitfalls…helped me focus my time and my talents by using the First100 methodology…has also been a great sounding board for strategic planning.”

Emer Kennedy, Director of Small Business, Eircom

1:1 Programme for Leaders

“The First100 program is the best development program I have ever been on."

Peter Cagney, Manager, McAfee

First100 Team Programme

“I found the first100 program to be very effective for your leadership team in a time of great change and uncertainty. It enabled us all to step up leadership performance and become leaders of the firm, rather than just leaders or our functions. I would recommend this program to any leadership team going through significant change in terms of personnel, structure or looking to make a step change.”

Brendan Murphy, Managing Director Ireland, John West

“Every session with the First100 Consultant brought greater focus and made me more productive. The most valuable aspect of the program was the opportunity to discuss challenges with an objective professional from outside the business, finding ways to overcome these challenges and maximising my performance.”

Michael Baines, National Account Manager, Vodafone Global Services

“The leadership module was invaluable, helping me be a better manager and also helping me manage my own manager better. I could see results in a few weeks. If I apply the learning, it will be invaluable for my whole career.”

Susan Burns, Manager, McAfee

“I would recommend First100 to any person embarking on a career at senior level or looking to make a significant improvement in their current senior management role.” 

Tony Hanway, Sales Director, Telefonica O2

1:1 Programme for Leaders

“At Boston Scientific we found that the First100 program provided our newly appointed managers with the additional skills and knowledge they needed to transition into their new roles effectively. All participants felt that the practical guidance given by First100 was invaluable. We would definitely use First100 in a similar capacity again.”

Jane Mitchell, Head of Training, Boston Scientific

1:1 Programme for Leaders

“The First100 program helped me achieve in 100 days what would have taken me 12-18 months on my own.”

Global Project Manager, Teva Pharmaceuticals

First100 Team Programme

“The process was an excellent setting for a group of talented individuals to work at a strategic level and work on a number of key areas. I found the process to create a very positive environment.”

Andy Golding, CEO, KRBS

“When I started in the job, the work load came like machine gun fire. The First100 program helped me to operate at a higher level, and to maintain focus on what the real priorities were.”

Claire Kerwick, Head of HR, Glanbia

“I found the First100 program to be a focused and extremely positive experience”

David Forristal, Director of Production Support, Sun Life

“The First100 program was hugely beneficial for senior managers…”

Managing Director BT Business,  BT

1:1 Programme for Leaders

“First100 have helped me focus heavily on the truly important aspects of the role that I can actually influence in the first 100 days. The framework is very easy to understand and follow. Taking two hours out once a month to attend the sessions and focus on my development has been very beneficial – it has demonstrated to me the importance of making time to reflect on a regular basis.”

Padraig Sheerin, Head of Premier, Eircom

Padraig Sheerin, Head of Premier, Eircom

1:1 Programme for Leaders

“This program helped me to develop my role going forward... I found the First100 program incredibly useful.”

Dan Buck, Head of Device Engineering, Teva Pharmaceuticals

1:1 Programme for Leaders

“I very much like the First100 approach…it’s not about the systems in the company, it’s about being a leader and what’s important for being successful.”

MD, Global Consulting Firm

1:1 Programme for Leaders

"I'd recommend it to people coming into a new role - the value is going through the process."

David Townsend, Director, Asia Pacific Glanbia Nutritionals Customised Solutions

“The First 100 Days is a very helpful approach when starting new roles or looking to kick start a step change programme in an organisation. The coaching, support and follow up is excellent at preparing and anticipating the challenges of leadership in today’s volatile business environment.”

Mark Spelman, Global Head of Strategy, Accenture.

1:1 Programme for Leaders

“The First100 framework forced me to focus on the right things that really matter which enabled me to create the biggest possible impact.”

Michael Burke, Managing Director, BT Consumer South, BT

First100 Team Programme

“The First100 program has accelerated our development as a team. We have set very clear targets for the team and executed against them – delivering on both the “what” and the “how”. The program created a very clear mechanism to plan, initiate, follow through and measure results. I would recommend the program for new teams who need to fast track high performance development.”

Richard Lombard, Senior Manager, Vodafone

1:1 Programme for Leaders

“Working with First100 was highly effective in not just keeping me on track but also accelerating my performance in my new role.”

Stefan Hoelzl, Vice President of Central Europe, AppSense

1:1 Programme for Leaders

“First100 helped me from a number of perspectives. I found it educational and learned tools and approaches not previously seen. It was helpful as a means of organising a challenging time and finally it provided me with a sounding block to test and exercise my inner voice without judgement.”

Rod Coleman, Head of customer Care, O2

1:1 Programme for Leaders

“First100 brings a results orientated focus and works hard to improve your performance. The consultant is innovative and thoughtful and takes time to understand context and the broader picture”

Managing Director, Accenture

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